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Deadly Diamond Records LLC is a Modern Rock, Punk and Nu Metal Record Label based in Fayetteville North Carolina, Specializing in helping Signed artist claim their Performance Royalties, Mechanical Royalties, Writer and Streaming Royalties from ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SOUND EXCHANGE, HARRY FOX, THE MLC.

Deadly Diamond Records LLC is a Licensed Music Publisher with ASCAP we are now Registered ASCAP artist to Publishing & Distribution agreements.

Contact us by phone 910-501-7895

Message a A&R
Wesley Haynes CEO
Corey Colagrossi, A&R Indiana

Steps bands need to complete before submitting a Press Kit

To be signed to Deadly Diamond Records LLC an added to the Labels Roster a band must complete certain legalities.

1. The band must have registered their music with The Library of Congress and obtain a copyright.

2. The band must have at minimum a DBA (Doing Business As) registered with their local government to officially conduct business as a band.

3. Each individual member must be registered with ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) as a singer songwriter and composer


DEADLY DIAMOND RECORDS LLC's -Primary focus is the business development and education of the Artist that are sign to our label. Deadly Diamond Records LLC is a Networking Label that allows artist to come and go as they please without being hinder to a binding contract. Our Mission is to build a Music industry of well educated professionals giving them the tools and resources to be independent but having a foundation to fall back on if they fail to succeed on their own. we have a 100% success rate for any artist who has completed all necessary steps in order to make a living from writing and performing music.


Professional Networking- we connect world class Producers, Studios, Musicians with local musicians within operating budgets.

Digital Distribution/ song sales- Bands can sell their music with Deadly Diamond Records and make 100% of the income earned from sales.

Recording- Networking with over 14 world class studios and local regional studios using Pro Tools.

Music Business Contracting- Specializing in 125 contracts dealing with, Booking, tech riders, management Ect...

Artist Management- Power of Attorney- Business management and accounting services, IRS and more.

Music Publishing & Distribution- We publish artist music and merchandise and sell it globally. 

Merchandise Manufacturing- We Manufacture and sell CD's, Clothing and Apparel and sell it world wide for artist signed to label at no cost to the artist- artist gets 80% profit through brand licensing deal. the label makes 80%


Myself, I Destroy-seeking members - bass and lead guitarist

MID is looking for members in the Fayetteville Area of North Carolina, MID is an Alternative Metalcore Band, that is known for grove in their music.


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