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My name is Chase Clark. I have been playing, writing, performing, and arranging music for 20 years. I began playing violin and guitar in the fifth grade; when I got to middle school, I joined the band as a percussionist and continued that through high school and piano. I also played in my high school orchestra.

I attended Methodist University and studied music education, where my principal instrument was the classical guitar. I was the guitarist for the university jazz band. I also marched percussion in the marching band and was a percussionist for the concert/symphonic band. I have EXPERIENCE in:

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  • Deep understanding of musical styles

  • Reading and writing music

  • Music theory

  • Transcription

  • Orchestration

  • Conducting


As an arranger, I offer services for musicians, where I help finish, rework, and adapt preexisting compositions by altering elements such as instrumentation, orchestration, harmony, tempo, and genre. I also offer arrangements for vocal/choral, piano arrangements, and orchestrations for orchestra or concert band. I can arrange and compose for any instrument. I also provide transcriptions for recorded works. (Those who cannot read music but want it written down. Music or Tab)) I also make custom arrangements for artists who wish to add something to their work. I also serve as a studio musician and custom-write songs for those who request them. I am a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) and offer music publishing.


PRICES: Base fee for an arrangement is $150. This includes a full musical score for up to two instruments. Each additional instrument is $50.

So a string quartet would cost $250 where as an arrangement for a full concert band would be $1,150.00 Once the arrangement is complete,

Choral arrangement: (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, Piano) =$300.00

Transcriptions: $80.00 an hour. Transcriptions are the most tedious and take the most time. (if you want special arrangements for your composition and all you have is an Audio file,

Single Instruments arrangements $100.00

Lastly, if I am asked or required to supervise and/or conduct the performance of an arrangement in a recording studio, or play as a studio musician, my services cost $50 an hour.

ASCAP Publishing is a 50/50 split on top of the cost of the work. Means that I will publish your work, but the royalties will be split 50% artist 50% publisher. This is beneficial especially if you want to put music on Spotify, pandora or any other streaming service, the must pay a royalty for every time it’s played for the rest of your life.

ASCAP's function is to ensure that another artist does not use a writer's work without paying the appropriate fee (called a royalty) or acquiring the proper permission. An author's right to protect their work is called copyright.

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