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10 things bands need to do to make money!

  1. join a Performance rights organization such as ASCAP BMI every time you play a live show playing original songs your owed a Performance royalty's, ALL music venues pays this fee that is required by law in advance just to be open. you as a artist get a check for 75 years from these blanket license you just got to claim you performances.

  2. Join The MLC anytime you upload your music to Spotify or similar site you are owed a mechanical royalty payment, you music register with The mechanical licensing collective to claim these royalties if you do not claim them you loose them.

  3. become a official business- get a DBA- cost $25-30 bucks to get Doing business as statement so you can cash checks in your bands group name- LLC offers protection to its members. but shouldn't be obtained unless the band makes more that $2,500.00 a month.

  4. contracts- have contracts for show bookings, public appearances and more, rocket lawyer is a great way to get these so anytime you band is doing something your getting paid.

  5. consumer psychology- review you appearance, brand logos and trademarks

  6. Distribute your own music. build a website using wix- sell your merch and music for free keep 100% of the profit

  7. copyright your music with the Library of Congress at

  8. buy ISRC codes for your songs embed the code in your songs so you get paid for each stream.

  9. create merch sell all kinds of stuff

  10. read- how to start your music business, how to run your music business by audry chisholm- all you need to know about the music business by donald s passman

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