Now networking with Companies to build Artist Careers

Deadly Diamond Records LLC. is working to bring opportunities for companies to partner with the bands signed on the label, allowing marketing opportunities for the bands signed to the label, to help companies sell their products with a cross promotion of the companies helping the bands raise capital for their recordings, Merchandise and more.

I had an interview with Deadly Diamond Records founder Wesley Haynes. He stated the following in interview Saturday.

{"Artists and musicians tend to forget what music business is about. It's about Networking and creating value for those who are supporting your music career as a musician. The Music business is just that, you as a recording or performing artist must use your music to sell a company's product in return, your raising capital for yourself or the band to create your own merchandise to generate equity in your brand as an artist or as a band."

Wow you stated that, and to me it seems to be commons sense. but most bands and artist do not think that way, do they?

"I think most bands get caught up in the idea of being in a band, but they lose their minds when it comes to common sense business 101. I hear it all the time local bands talking bad about record labels and placing the blame on them when most record labels are expecting you to have that business sense. in general, it paints a bad picture! so that that is why when I started Deadly Diamond Records; I made an executive decision with my partners to bring in an education branch in partnership with the Music Business Group to help artist understand how money is truly made in the music industry."

Education aspect interesting, how has that been going? do other record labels do that?

"it has been very challenging. I think the stigma of the word Record Label and the DIY culture clash in this, but a perfect example of this is the band recently sign to us "HIRE THE PUPPETS"- Corey Colagrossi has been playing music for years and years and never knew some of the basic business stuff- Like registering music with ASCAP or BMI, filing a performance rights analytic report for shows performed with those agencies to get his performance royalties. and I have been in the music business over 20 years now and I have not found one local band yet in the United States of America that has done this. so, there is a huge music business education gap and I think it needs to be addressed.

For other Record labels I cannot speak for, But I think they know this and use it to take advantage of their artist to make money that's not even theirs to make, hence adding more fuel to that bad stigma of being associated with a record label. "

So, what kind companies partner with record labels? How does it benefit them and how does it help your bands.?

"Well, that is easy. Almost any company will partner with you as long as you are bringing value to their company's brand. Take Cold Cock whiskey for an example, they are a small company that will pay $2000.00 to have an advertisement on the record labels website, and to have a band present, and consume their alcohol during a live performance- the company sponsors the band and adds their links to music and merchandise on their website. they will ship free products to the band such as the alcohol, t-shirts for the bands to wear on stage while playing and shot glass for the marketing presentation of consumption conducted by a band for a brief 30 seconds of a 45 min show. So out of that $2000.00 -here at Deadly Diamond 80% of that money goes to the band 20% stays with the label. I think that's a good deal!"

Very Interesting, what companies would you like to partner with?

"Oh man, Me personally I would like to partner with "Mr. Beast" and his chocolate company Feastables to have a sponsorship where the bands logos are on the packaging and bands can sell it at their merch tables, I think that would be awesome, but Mr. Beast is too big for that, and I doubt we would be noticed; I might tag him in a tweet see what happens!"

What Kind of Artist are you looking to sign to Deadly Diamond?

"Any genre is welcomed we are a networking label so bands can come and go as they please our goal here at DDR is to teach these DIY bands how to do music business the right way."}

So if you have a company and would like to partner with Deadly Diamond Records LLC contact Wesley Haynes here-910-501-7895.

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